Know Your Audience to Build Traction in Your Business and Career

Photo by Pzurek

We each have a voice and something important to say. Who is it you want to speak to in your articles, stories, or posting?

  • customer
  • client
  • colleague
  • friend
  • prospective employer

Until you know your audience, you won’t know how to connect and effectively communicate your story. In the past we may have made more connections by phone, in person, through resumes, or letters. Now we often connect remotely or through social media. We may chat on Facebook, post our accomplishments on LinkedIn, or show activities on Instagram. You may even be turning to more immediate forms of social media.

When you know the audience you want to speak with, you will build relationships in the moment as opportunities arise.

Nancy J. Miller

You are free to view or download the slideshow below in its entirety for more ideas on how to create your audience.

It’s easier to build trusting relationships through people we know and work with and by extension with the people they know. Many jobs and opportunities come through close connections. You can grow your reputation and build your network by starting with who you know, and then going beyond your neighborhood and even country of origin through social media. The time it takes to create your audience and know what you want to say to them is worth the effort.


Miller, Nancy J. (2016) Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success. Teal Publishing.

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