My dream was to sit on the beach and write. I finally wrote my career story from Non-Profit Accounting Coordinator to the career of my dreams as a Career Counselor/Certified Life Coach managing a career center, supervising graduate students, and helping professionals find success. As a counselor and Certified Life Coach who has experienced physical and emotional challenges, I can help you stand tall in front of the many challenges you may be facing.

A huge, unexpected change brings an avalanche of emotions, but making plans for a new life brings new energy. Read more of my story.

Nancy J. Miller is a master’s degree counselor (career), a Certified Life Coach, and Certified Trauma Informed Coach who will help you navigate challenges in your work, relationships, and career. As you grow in your career, you will have ebbs and flows as you master the waters of career transitions and job search. Contact Nancy to learn more about her coaching programs, courses, and processes.

How can I help you find more of what you want in your life and work?

Career Growth is a process that leads to abundance when you have a model for success. You can begin where you are and use Maslow’s model to see where you want to grow in your life and work. Awareness of your wants and needs are the first step. The next step is finding a professional to guide you through the process.

Relationships are the key to career growth and abundance. You can build confidence in who you are and what you want as you delve into your strengths, communication, and self-talk to build supportive relationships. Start with a free course and add a coaching plan for accountability and challenges along the way.

Moving Forward through challenges can feel lonely. You may feel like your challenges are obvious or they may be locked away inside from past stresses or small traumas that accumulated over time. A professional counselor or coach can walk beside you to help you find your own resourcefulness and opportunities as you traverse the emotions and obstacles along the way.

Nancy J. Miller has demonstrated professional level competency to work with individuals impacted by chronic stress and trauma, earning the title of Trauma Informed Coach. Trauma can come from a big event in your life or many upsetting or stressful events that you didn’t have the resources to cope with at the time. Emotions from the events can get stuck in your energy for years causing procrastination, imposter syndrome, stress, and feeling overwhelmed. As a Certified Life Coach and Trauma-informed coach, Nancy has strategies to help you unleash trapped energy from the past that is keeping you from the life and work you desire. Contact Nancy to learn more.

My Interests

My passion for coaching draws me to studying career trends and strategies; relationship building; healthy eating; and affects of current and past trauma. My love of writing and creativity led me to writing and publishing two nonfiction books and two children’s books.

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