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Using NLP Techniques to Reduce Anxiety Before Medical Procedures

by Nancy J. Miller, iNLP Center Blog Contributor A cancer diagnosis, surgery, and dental procedures can cause different levels of anxiety. Being prepared with NLP techniques will help with the stress of routine or unexpected procedures. The NLP techniques of association, dissociation, reframing, anchoring, and using submodalities  helped me de-stress and prepare for medical procedures. Read more…


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When you feel overwhelmed or stuck, I have strategies and support for helping you do the work you love. I am a Career Counselor/Certified Life Coach and author of the books, Vegetable Kids in the Garden, The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club, eBook Vegetable Personality Styles, Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success, and Thrive Global Contributor. I enjoy studying vegetables as well as personalities and bringing them to life in my children’s stories. It gives me great joy to help job seekers, professionals, and creative entrepreneurs find their strengths, share their values, and connect with employers and customers.

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