Nancy enjoys sharing client successes. In a time of mass layoffs, uncertainty, life and career challenges, entrepreneurs, professionals, and job seekers who invest in their careers see positive results. Contact Nancy, connect with her on Linkedin (let her know you found her website).

“Our time together created a spark in me and helped set me on the journey I am on now. Slowly finding my joy again, learning to listen and be supported by my inner voice and beginning to heal.”

Jennifer, Graphic Designer

I Found a Job So Quick

Nancy Miller played a crucial role in helping me get my new job. Due to the coronavirus I was laid off and faced with a lot of unknowns. Nancy not only provided encouragement and interview tips, she also provided practical resume help including finding a template that helped to land me my new job. It was an uneasy time for me but working with Nancy helped to set my mind at ease.  I am grateful that I found a job so quick and I attribute a large part of that to the wonderful help that Nancy provided.  Thank you Nancy!

Joella, Marketing & Reception

Personal and Thorough Approach

Nancy was personal and very thorough in her approach.  Her questions and insights were practical and useful in preparing my resume and for interviewing.  She encouraged me to work hard and stay focused on seeking out opportunities that were a fit for me.   With her help I was able to find employment for one of the top employers on my list.  Thank you Nancy! 

Jamey, Project Manager/Linkedin Profile

My Linkedin Page is Too Good!

As a Life Coach, you’ve helped me make my LinkedIn page too good! Some days I’m getting 2 offers a day, usually every other day. Wow! – David, Content Writer

Variety of Personal Development Tools and Resources

“Recently, I experienced another wonderful, informative, inspirational coaching session with Nancy Miller. She has been instrumental in guiding my exploration and discovery process while searching for a vocational path in my quest to secure my true calling for my life.

Nancy’s use of a variety of personal development tools and resources has been very useful in my career development journey over the last 20 years. She used journaling, powerful self-assessment instruments, storytelling, personality typology inquiries and countless useful approaches to support my exploration, discovery, and success in finding what I wanted to do with my life. I recommend Nancy to anyone experiencing real or imaginary obstacles to finding a career they are passionate about.” Bonifacio Valadez, Career Counselor

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