The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club

Join the Vegetable Kids for fun and vegetables as Max creates chaos in the lunchroom. To his surprise, Miles’ tooth flies into Zoe’s almond butter. The cafeteria lady slides into a handstand after slipping on the rolling red tomatoes. The Vegetable Kids share purple carrots, red tomatoes, and orange peppers while making new friends who join The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club. Kids will enjoy the black and white drawings. They can make the book theirs by coloring the pictures, filling out the Just for Kids page, and sharing the Discussion Questions about the story.

“It’s a great book!” says nine year old Juliet,

“The kids don’t have chips or juice but healthy stuff like vegetables.”

Seven year old Grayson says, “My favorite part was when Max the dog caught the hot dog bun on his nose!”