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Story is part of identity, branding, And developing a creative Mind. Our purpose is to provide a space for spontaneous story writing. You can send your writing to the author who will check for appropriateness and before sharing.

How Do I Feel the Love

Photo by picjumbo.com on Pexels.com

I read an article that said the woman who started Mother’s Day was saddened by how commercial it had become with chocolates and cards, and wanted to cancel it. I could understand her sentiment, but at the same time I was loving the chocolates I was showered with on the occasion. Read more…

The Colors of an Angel

Bobby woke up early and put on his black sneakers and blue jacket over his pajamas. He decided to go for a walk while his Mom and Dad were still sleeping. He had never gone for a walk alone before, but he was on an important mission. In his Sunday morning Bible class he learned about a man who was touched by an angel. Bobby wanted to find an angel and see what the touch would feel like.

Off Bobby went out the door and down the street. Bobby saw a man dressed in a black suit with a red tie. Maybe he was an angel. The man was walking very fast, but Bobby gave him a big smile. The man didn’t even look at him. Could he be an angel? Bobby didn’t think so. Read more…

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