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Develop Healthy Habits to Destress

Many healthy practices take a little time, planning, and motivation but very little expense. It’s easy to incorporate healthy practices into your daily routine. When you have fun being healthy, you will find motivation for developing healthy habits that help you look and feel good.

  • Eat fresh––it’s fast food. Plant a few vegetables in a backyard or window garden where they are available to quickly pick and eat, check out local farmer’s markets for fresh, seasonal produce, or shop fresh at your local grocery store. 
  • Stretch, lift the weight you can tolerate, and walk or run––it’s free! 
  • Have a fun family dinner making veggie pizza together and going for a walk or a bike ride. 
  • Take a meditative walk, be in the moment, feel your senses (seeing, hearing, and feeling), observe and be thankful.
  • Clear your mind and bring in positivity while experiencing nature in a meditative video.
  • Share a laugh. In Stress relief from laughter? It’s no joke the Mayo Clinic describe the many ways laughter increases health and relieves stress.

Destress Activities While Sitting or Lying Down

For deep breathing exercises, sit or lay down in a relaxed position. Put your hand on your belly so you can feel your abdomen expand when you breathe in and deflate when you breathe out. Join Coach Nancy for a Mindful Moment of breathing.

Join Coach Nancy for her One-Minute Breathing Meditation. This breathing exercise is a great way to start your day and get oxygen to your brain and body as you focus on your breathing and clear your mind. If you have a medical condition, see your health care professional before starting a new exercise.

Mindful Moment Exercises to Help You Look and Feel Better for life and work article with videos.

Read through a progressive Muscle Relaxation article

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (sometimes called Tense and Release) is a simple easy exercise to destress during breaks between screen time or whenever your muscles are tense. Try it, you may not even realize how tense your muscles are until you find yourself with a backache or headache. Practice the above breathing exercise, then breathe while giving yourself a muscle relaxation.

Experience a Progressive Muscular Relaxation audio (19 min) 

Destress and focus when feeling overwhelmed video “Visual Focus”. (a like and subscribe is appreciated)

Share on Social Media

Share your healthy lifestyle on social media. With so many mediums for socializing, it is a great opportunity to show employers, students, and clients what a healthy lifestyle looks like through the activities you share. 

  • Healthy leisure activities or active hobbies.
  • Socializing around walking, biking, running, kayaking, etc. 
  • Share recipes or restaurants with healthy meals. 

“Find an accountability partner, socialize and network around healthy habits, and work with a professional if needed” (Miller, n.d.). Your healthy lifestyle will show in everything you do. A healthy lifestyle requires discipline, skills, and good habits. It is more fun to establish and maintain healthy habits if you are not alone. 

Healthful habits begin at home with family and friends, and then become a natural part of your lifestyle. You will have more energy, confidence, and productivity when you Practice and Model a Healthy Lifestyle. 

I learned to like vegetables once I started fixing them the way I like them, and adding them to food I like (sometimes hidden) if I didn’t care for them. While researching vegetables for my children’s book, “Vegetable Kids in the Garden,” I realized how important they are for preventing illness and enjoying my life and work. You can actually train your tastebuds to like vegetables, as Linda Wasmer Andrews tells us in, How to Teach Yourself to Actually Like Vegetables.

Miller, N. J. (2014). A Healthy Lifestyle Increases Career Success. Career Convergence. Retrieved from,

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