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Nancy J. Miller is a master’s degree Career Counselor/Certified Life Coach at Creative LifeWork Design, and she publishes through her own imprint Teal Publishing. Nancy has published numerous professional articles on careers, business and health, and she gives presentations on the Vegetable Personality Styles @ 2005 she developed based on the four basic vegetables colors and the way they grow. She enjoys reading and dancing with her grandchildren, and she has fond memories of walks on California beaches with her cocker spaniel, Pepper. Nancy enjoys connecting and hearing from readers and fellow authors.

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Life Coaching for Writing and Publishing

It is the perfect time to be an author. Almost anyone who wants to express themselves can write and publish a book, but all of the opportunities bring  a lot of misinformation to sift through. Many self-publishing companies will publish anything a person is willing to pay for and often charge exorbitant fees.  I value you and the product you want to publish. I want to make sure you produce the best product possible at a reasonable cost.

Talking to a Life Coach about your project will help you make decisions about time, budget, publication, and marketing. Call today to discuss your book or project. I am looking forward to talking with you.

Vegetable Kids in the Garden. Garden adventures, colorful illustrations, and vegetable nutrition make this a fun read for the whole family. Lucas, Emma, and the twins find worms and mystery treasures in the garden. 

The Vegetable Kids Cafeteria Club. My children love this book! The characters are all children so they can relate to the storyline easily. There is a good message about being nice to others and the importance of eating your veggies. What’s also really fun for them is there are pages in the book they can color, as well as questions to fill out in the back. – Heather Popish

Vegetable Personality Styles: Inspiring Healthy Eating and Healthy Relationships.

Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success. “Fire Up Your Profile” emphasizes the importance of bringing your “accomplishments and work history together into an attractive personal/career portfolio.” Ernie Zelinsky, international best selling author.


Healthy eating and healthy relationships for work, family & kids.


Healthy eating and healthy relationships in 4 colorful vegetables


Life Coaching for career, writing, and creative problem-solving.

Let’s create something together.

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