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Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success

“Fire Up Your Profile” emphasizes the importance of bringing your accomplishments and work history together into an attractive personal/career portfolio.” Ernie Zelinsky, international best selling author.

Vegetable Personality Styles

The natural world provides a reflection of our selves with its many colors, flavors and textures. Temperaments can be warm or cool just like colors. The way vegetables grow and interact can even be compared to the way people work and communicate. Just like the flavor and color of garden vegetables are influenced by weather and the vegetables around them, our environments and upbringing affect our personality styles. Find yourself in one or more of the 4 Vegetable Personality Styles.

About the Author

Author Nancy J. Miller, M.S., is a Life Coach for career, writing, and creative problem-solving

Nancy studied personality theories and well-researched assessments in her psychology undergraduate program and went on to develop her Vegetable Personality Styles™ while in her graduate counseling program. Her workshops and presentations on the personality styles were well received by families, students, and businesses. She went on to write an eBook, and two children’s books based on the Vegetable Personality Styles™. Find her children’s books, activities, and recipes at

Message from the Author

I am excited to share my journey writing my first novel, A Band of Light. I am using Substack to publish each draft page as I write it, and share a once a week newsletter with subscribers. Subscribe to get full access to my weekly newsletter and daily posts as you want to read them, drafting the futuristic story “A Band of Light.” The newsletter will include Mindful Moment tips, quotes, and/or writing tips for increasing creativity. Never miss an update.

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