Design a Purposeful Life with Meaningful Work

The reason for working may seem obvious. You want to get paid. But there are many other reasons for working besides money. Hunger in your heart, mind, or stomach will motivate you to work. Here are just a few motivators. Play – You love doing the work whether it’s the process, accomplishment, or just beingContinue reading “Design a Purposeful Life with Meaningful Work”

Your Career Portfolio Holds the Keys for Staying Always Employable

Artists and creatives are often expected to have a professional well-organized portfolio. Yet many employees, job seekers, and entrepreneurs have never considered taking the time to bring their accomplishments and work history together into an attractive portfolio format. As time seems to speed up and transitions are the norm, an organized portfolio prepares you forContinue reading “Your Career Portfolio Holds the Keys for Staying Always Employable”

Free Online Writing Courses

After researching writing courses, the ones listed here were reputable sites that are up-front about their pricing. Most of the courses have paid and certificate options. The information about each site is taken from the internet and not guaranteed by this writer. Links can change at any time. Sites that require a monthly subscription areContinue reading “Free Online Writing Courses”

Feeling Fuzzy When It’s Time to Write

I have time to write now, and so much to say, why am I feeling fuzzy? There are so many distractions and things to do, but I can’t seem to focus on anything. I started the outline for restructuring my website and drew a blank. What could be going on? I will share some ofContinue reading “Feeling Fuzzy When It’s Time to Write”

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Thank You

Always send a thank you after a formal interview or strategic conversation because a thank you will make you more memorable and more likely to get the job you want. When a hiring manager or person of interest remembers you, they will be more likely to bring you back for a second interview, hire you,Continue reading “Stand Out from the Crowd with a Thank You”

Laughter and Play Are an Important Part of a Healthy Lifestyle

Smiles and laughter connect people in their life, work, and job search. Dr. Phillip Glenn combed through fifteen different job interviews, and analyzed the social dynamics of laughing.  Laughter was shown to be a tool to build rapport, and interviewees who responded with laughter appropriately were more successful. Laughing is part of a healthy lifestyle.Continue reading “Laughter and Play Are an Important Part of a Healthy Lifestyle”

Mindful Moment Exercises to Help You Look and Feel Better

Distress (what we often call stress) can lead to physical ailments, conflicts, and emotional stress. Healthy stress (eustress) activities lead to a healthier more creative mind and active body. When you feel good you will have more resilience to manage conflicts, uncertainty, and change.  Employers want to hire people who are adaptable members of theirContinue reading “Mindful Moment Exercises to Help You Look and Feel Better”

Take Time to Assess Your Values

Values AssessmentThe things you spend your time, money, and thoughts on will become your values. Thinking about what is important to you before you look for your next techno gadget, home, or job will give you time and money for the things you really want, rather than being driven by friends, family, and the media.Continue reading “Take Time to Assess Your Values”

Using NLP Techniques to Reduce Anxiety Before Medical Procedures

by Nancy J. Miller, iNLP Center Blog Contributor A cancer diagnosis, surgery, and dental procedures can cause different levels of anxiety. Being prepared with NLP techniques will help with the stress of routine or unexpected procedures. The NLP techniques of association, dissociation, reframing, anchoring, and using submodalities  helped me de-stress and prepare for medical procedures. Read more…

Making Plans During Uncertain Times

Nancy J. Miller, Guest Post, iNLP Center Blog We live in uncertain times. Actually, we live with the myth of certainty until things change. Things are never actually certain, but it’s easy to live like they are. When major disruptions happen, we are surprised by a sense of feeling out of control––a control we neverContinue reading “Making Plans During Uncertain Times”