About Coaching

Life Coaching is for job seekers, career changers, professionals, and entrepreneurs who want to heighten their creativity and find opportunities to use their strengths while honoring their values. Career Coaching brings together skills for creative problem-solving and decision making as well as information, support, and motivation from an experienced counselor and coach. Professional coaching provides confidentiality and a trusting relationship.

Meet Nancy
  • Schedule a 30-minute complementary consultation with Coach Nancy.
  • Contact Coach Nancy to schedule a one time 60-minute Coaching Appointment by Phone or Skype – $80
  • Discuss coaching plans to fit your budget with Coach Nancy.
  • All coaching requires payment and a signed (electronic works) Coaching Agreement prior to your first appointment.
Questions for thought and discussion

You might wonder what a coaching session might look like and what you might work on. Maybe you feel like you could use a coach, but you are not sure what a coach can do for you. I am including questions for possible discussion in a coaching session. Each session begins with a check in: How are you doing? You can choose what you want to discuss, and what direction you want to go. Your coach will ask permission to interrupt, clarify, ask for more depth, and reflect back on observed themes.

General coaching questions:

  • How are you doing? Are you experiencing joy, stress, peace, health, uncertainty, etc.?
  • Do you have a decision, problem, challenge, or success you would like to discuss, or are you looking for insights, clarification, motivation, or something else?
  • What are you doing now that makes you feel successful?
  • What would you like to do more of?
  • Describe your challenges for doing more of what you want to do: time, money, family, health, environment, opportunities, beliefs, and/or values?
  • Name three strengths you like to use in your life and work.
  • Three interests that you feel passionate about would be?
  • How much time and money are you willing to spend on your life satisfaction and career success?

Job Seekers:

  • Why do you want this job (excluding location, pay, or benefits)?
  • What skills are you good at that you want to use on a regular basis?
  • What unique experiences do you have that are relevant to the job you want?
  • What are the challenges to getting the job you want?
  • What other opportunities are available to you?


  • What do you enjoy about your business?
  • Your purpose for being in business?
  • Name at least 3-5 challenges for your type of business.
  • What are your personal challenges to feeling successful in your business?
  • If you really believed in your business, were not afraid of failure or embarrassment, and had the time and energy to grow your business, what would you do?


  • What would you like to produce, perform, or create?
  • Where do you feel most creative? What time of day?
  • When and where are you most likely to have a brilliant idea, creative thought, inspiration, or composition?
  • What gets in your way?

Contact Nancy with questions or comments. I will not share your information or contact you beyond your interest. All conversations are confidential as much as the phone, internet, and public places allow. I follow the  National Career Development Association Code of Ethics. to schedule a brief conversation to discuss your needs. If coaching is a fit, we will discuss a coaching relationship, and the best plan for you.

FAQ: How long will it take, and how many sessions will I need?

A: It all depends on you, where you are starting from, and what you hope to accomplish. If you are ready to do the work, make progress quickly, and you begin with a high level of personal awareness, the process might take 1-3 months. Most clients benefit from the first coaching session. If you would like to start slower and take your time while you manage other responsibilities, the process will take longer, but you will still benefit from coaching. You choose your speed and what you want coaching to do for you.

FAQ: Am I ready for coaching?

A.: Often you are not ready for coaching until you begin. The introductory phone session at no cost to you will let you know if you want to move forward in what you are doing or prepare to make a change. You will find out if the coaching style is a fit for you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your payment will be refunded in full for any reason.

FAQ: What if I don’t know what I need or want to talk about.

A: Often you know you could do better, get more motivation, or make a change, you are just not sure what you need. Your coach can help you prioritize your values, set goals, make decisions, and create a success plan.