About Nancy

Nancy J. Miller, M.S.

Career Counselor/Certified Life Coach

I love to walk along the ocean, feel the cool breeze whisk across my face, and savor fresh fish as the sun sets. I have a passion for stories, research, reading, and swimming,

I became a master’s degree counselor because of my love of psychology, how the brain works, and what motivates us as humans to behave the way we do.

Our jobs, our work, and our careers affect all parts of our lives. I became a Certified Life Coach and NLP Master Practitioner to add transformational skills to my work as a Career Counselor and coach to help my clients relieve stress, focus on what is most important to them, and create a path to success as they define it.

I believe everyone can benefit from coaching at some time in their lives. I want to make the process easy and affordable.

I work beside my clients to help them do meaningful work that will ignite their senses and give them a spring in their step. We may not love what we are doing all the time, but we can feel alive when we know our purpose and what we want from our work.

I would love to hear from you. Tell me where you would like to be in your life and career, and let’s see how you can get there.


Master of Science in Counseling (Career) – CSUS

Counseling, Research, Ethics, Theory

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – CSUS

Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Perception

Life Coach Certification – iNLP Center

Accessing inner strengths and resources, transforming stuck states, imposter syndrome.

Advanced Career Facilitation for the 21st Century (AFC21)Career Planning Academy

Instructor/Practitioner embracing uncertainty, acquiring cultural humility, and practicing gratitude.

Trauma-Informed Certified Coach – Coach Training World

Recognizing small life traumas, major trauma, and providing resources for coping and thriving.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (Professional Skills 1)ACEP

EFT or Tapping for releasing stuck energy from accumulated stress, trauma memories, and everyday challenges.

NLP Master Practitioner – iNLP Center/The NLP Institute of California

Neuro-Linguistic Programming for more positive communication, managing stress, and self-esteem.


Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

National Career Development Association

Elk Grove Writers Guild


Fire Up Your Profile For LifeWork Success Revised 2016

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