Purple Carrot Personality Style

One of the four Vegetable Personality Styles is the Purple Carrot. The color purple is rich in history and tradition. It is the color worn by royalty and treasured for its richness. The purple carrot is very firm when raw with deep roots like a person who is responsible, firm, and knows what is right.

If you have a Carrot Personality Style, you create stability and order. You value the rich traditions from the past, and you know from past experience what works well. You keep things organized and working smoothly.
A Carrot Personality Style might be interested in work that provides structure and order like administrative work, accounting, statistics, rules, and technical skills. As part of a team, 

a Carrot Personality style wants to know how things have been done in the past, proper documentation, cost, and liability. 

According to the Healthline article, Healthiest Winter Vegetables, by Jillian Kubala, MS, RD, carrots are one of the 10 healthiest winter vegetables.

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