Feeling Fuzzy When It’s Time to Write

Graphic by ErikaWittlieb

I have time to write now, and so much to say, why am I feeling fuzzy? There are so many distractions and things to do, but I can’t seem to focus on anything. I started the outline for restructuring my website and drew a blank. What could be going on? I will share some of my challenges, actions, and results to get back to writing.

Physical distractions

When I have difficulty writing, I notice physical needs. One physical distraction is hunger. I got back from the dentist an hour ago. The hygienist coated my teeth with fluoride and said it’s best not to eat for 2 hours. I had a small granola bar for breakfast and half a cup of coffee anticipating a nice lunch at noon. It’s 1:00 and I’m wondering if I should go ahead and eat and risk less benefit from the treatment. Should I plow through when I am not at my best? Or should I take on other tasks that don’t require mental stamina and creativity? Good questions to ask myself.

My plan: Plow through and write about the problem while I am feeling it, do something active for 20 minutes and then have lunch. 

Result: After sitting in the dentist chair for an hour, doing a task that needed to be done and required physical movement helped my body and brain work together.

Mental focus

I’m trying to work, but I can’t think of anything. I had a busy morning and early afternoon is not my most creative time of day, so it’s difficult to just sit down and work on a plan using my creative juices that are not flowing.

My plan: Practice a Mindful Moment activity to finish this article.

Result: After a breathing and visual focus exercise––ok, I threw in the vowel exercise just for fun––I feel more relaxed and focused to finish writing. Bonus: I even forgot I was hungry while doing these exercises. 

Emotional distractions

Questioning whether the time and effort is worth working on my website was a distraction that gave me the mind fuzzies. Will anyone find my website? Will they care enough to read all the articles and information I keep adding? Will I be wasting my time? These are questions worth answering.

My Plan: Put in the effort to make my website representative of what I can do for the reader, make sure it is easy to navigate, invest time/money into making the website easy to find. Hire someone if I feel uncertain about doing it myself. If I am hesitant about reworking my home page, I will procrastinate, and it won’t get done.

Result: I feel motivated to carry out this plan. It is doable and I can’t wait to start, but I am looking forward to first having lunch.

Need more strategies for overcoming the mind fuzzies, lack of focus or overwhelming distractions?

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