Take Time to Assess Your Values

Photo by: JESHOOTS-com 

Values Assessment
The things you spend your time, money, and thoughts on will become your values. Thinking about what is important to you before you look for your next techno gadget, home, or job will give you time and money for the things you really want, rather than being driven by friends, family, and the media. Here are some examples of work values with a Work Values Inventory to help you prioritize your values.


Work Values Inventory

Our lives are a lot like a lake: ever changing and ever flowing. Change is good. Change keeps things clean, fresh, and moving. But change that we are unprepared for can cause a sense of disaster and loss. Knowing what you value will help you establish meaningful goals to prepare for the changes you
will experience throughout your life.

Excerpt from the book, Fire Up Your Profile for LifeWork Success, Nancy J. Miller, pg. 20-22.

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