Challenges Create Distractions in Your Life and Career

Have you experienced challenges in your life that created distractions for your business or career? You are your business whether as an entrepreneur or employee. Challenges, whether physical, emotional, or environmental create distractions for doing the work you love. Often Challenges Come in Many Layers as I describe in my article. We may have financial, physical, work, or family challenges when a crisis like the COVID pandemic hits. It is a layer on top of layers.

To find better ways of working at home and on the job, it often takes unlayering of challenges and finding solutions. As a Counselor, Career Coach, and Certified Life Coach, I have worked with professionals, job seekers, and people in crisis. In fact, I became a Life Coach because our lives and careers are so intertwined. It gives me great joy to experience the transformation in my clients when they uncover the blocks that are holding them back; whether fears they didn’t recognize or limiting beliefs they weren’t aware of. I work together with my clients to:

  • Identify the problem and often the problem within a problem.
  • Choose an intervention whether it is active listening, clarifying questions, or an NLP transformation.
  • Have the courage to take a new action.

Find the freedom to share your personal, business, and career story. Break through the barriers that are holding you back from being the entrepreneur you want to be to create your own career success.

Contact Nancy J. Miller, M.S. to learn more about  her coaching, and books.

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