Challenges Come in Many Layers

We all feel the many layers of challenges. Some of us have more layers than others and some layers may diminish while others may multiply. In my own life, I rarely experience one challenge at a time, possibly because I was born with the challenge of limited eyesight. Finding myself almost blind when I started kindergarten, then having multiple eye surgeries, some more successful than others; I found school challenging. With a love of learning, I couldn’t seem to stop going to college until I received a graduate degree. Challenges kept layering but determination kept me going.

I understand the many layers of challenges and wanted to use my Career Counseling and Life Coaching to help those of you who are currently experiencing challenges and the added layer of COVID. With the help and support of a colleague, I developed the Always Employable Virtual Career Center, and the Success Unlimited Virtual Job Club, to share:

  • information
  • resources
  • private Facebook group
  • meetups

It all started with the Success Unlimited Virtual Job Club that is morphing into a virtual career center. In the process of setting up the website for the virtual career center, I had a double layer of challenges. First, I found the Weebly website I have been using for years was acquired by Square, Weebly is now better suited for eCommerce rather than for professional services and writing. As my business faced challenges in the current business climate, I decided to simplify and transition from to a new website platform. In the process of trying out Google Sites, I lost all the emails I had through Weebly. I found that Google is also better suited for eCommerce. So, I chose WordPress, and just needed to change my email address on multiply sites and transfer my websites. Just one layer of challenge.

Next came a complicated eye surgery on my strong eye. Being legally blind in my weak eye, this was quite a challenge. I found myself with blurry vision and lots of computer work that needed to be done. Over time, my eyesight will improve. Whew! A temporary challenge. Eventually I will manage my website and email transitions. Some layers of challenges seem very difficult and take time, but they are temporary. A crisis is a challenge that will eventually get resolved like my challenges and the pandemic we are currently experiencing. The economic consequences may be more long term than the immediate crisis, but we will find new ways of working, using our skills, and building relationships. The underlying fears and uncertainty take support and coping skills.

  • Support for family and friends
  • Stronger relationships and connections
  • Resourcefulness and adaptability
  • Coping skills we build and teach our children

Coping skills we build and teach our children make us stronger rather fearful during a crisis.

Feelings of uncertainty come in many forms. The truth is, we are never certain about the future, but we find reassurance when we feel like things will stay the same. When we expect and embrace change, then change itself won’t be the crisis. We will take time for relationships, growth, learning, and building support systems. Since I grew up with eyesight challenges, changing vision, and limited ability to drive, I understand change as a part of life. Even nature with it’s changing seasons shows us how growth, rest, and eliminating the unnecessary gives room for more growth.

Going through a stressful medical procedure during a pandemic just added another layer of challenge. I am very thankful for my medical team that supported me through a long eye surgery while wearing masks and shields. I said a prayer and used my coaching skills to confidently go through the surgery and gain patience during the blurry vision stage. With the smoke in northern California, it has been difficult to go outside. Just another layer of challenge. As we face our challenges, break them down into manageable pieces, and grow patience as some of the layers dissolve away, we can find support to get through our many layers of challenges.

You can join the Success Unlimited Virtual Job Club, to find support for your life and work challenges, contact Nancy, for a conversation about resources for your current needs, and visit the growing Always Employable Virtual Career Center, with its many resources.

Article by Nancy J. Miller, Career Counselor/Certified Life Coach at Creative LifeWork Design

Image by Peter Nguyen from Pixabay 

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